My nose piercing

by Brittney

I just got my nose pierced today and I am soo happy with it:). I just got a little nostril piercing. I went to a professional to get it done, but I guess it's still a little bit of a horror story. The piercer specifically told me not to srunch my nose when he pierced it... I bet you can guess I scrunched my nose.. so despite my scrunching he pierced it with a sterile needle, but when it came time to put the nose screw it he couldn't get it in. This resulted in him piercing my nose two more times (I didn't scrunch my nose again) in the same spot before he could get the nose screw in. It did hurt, but it was just like getting your ears pierced- only slower.

I can't really complain because I did get it for free and I did scrunch my nose.. my advice for people considering a nose piercing be prepared- I know its a natural reaction, but don't scrunch up your nose!!

Overall my piercing turned out great :)

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