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Mar 04, 2018
Nose piercing NEW
by: Anonymous

Hai I am bindhu working as a beautician at Saudi Arabia. I am currently I have 6 ear piercings in each ear and have my leftside nose pierced. My daughter Anamika she is 12 year old and she have 5 ear piercings in each ear and nose pierced on left side. I got my nose and second ear piercings soon after the marriage by the wish of my hubby. And he loved it. On our first wedding anniversary I got my third ear studs. After two years my daughter born, on her ear piercing ceremony I got my 4th ear piercing. When my daughter going to start her KG classes she got her 2nd ear piercings, when she was 5 she got her 3rd ear piercings. On her 8 the birthday she got her 4th piercing and I got mine pierced 5 the time. On her 10 the birthday she demanded her nose piercing, me and hubby happily granted her she got her nose and 5 the ear piercing. Now I am thinking to pierce my nose on other side. But she says she also want to pierce her too. I think 12 year old girl with double nose piercing is awkward, so I told her you can have 6 the one . She said ok next month I am going to have my second nose piercing

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