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Feb 07, 2017
Strange NEW
by: Anonymous

I feel pity on you but now you are enjoying my wishes go head

Jan 27, 2017
Septum jewel NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks my hands tied with 10 meter rope two ladies tied me it takes about 10 minutes for tying and my septum jewel is 15gm weight ancient model made 1100 years before now it's polished before piercing my septum so it's shinning now and my nose strong enough to carry the jewel my nose shape is like actress Jyothika so septum jewel never touch my inside stud of mookuthi only thing every one looking for first time they ask me how you accepted old fashion many feel pity on me

Jan 27, 2017
how NEW
by: Anonymous

don't mind are you buffalo or human. How can pierce your septum by traditional way with thick needle and shewing thread? 8 folded is too's may maximum 2 OR 4 folded thread. even my mil pierce my septum with thick needle and 4 folded shewing how can you carring it?I think it's a painfull method for you.and you may done something badely with your mil SO she took revenge by treditional way with thick needle and 8 folded thread. but you couldn't understand hahaha.your septum piercing is different then others.say how much rope needed TO tied you that time. How much people need to hold you. and say us the wait of 3 ornaments together.

Jan 26, 2017
Septum NEW
by: Anonymous

My mil pierced my septum one year after my marriage it's our family jewel 15 gm until my marriage my mil used in her septum it's a u shape with holes in both ends and rod passes through one hole and to septum and to other hole a nut tightened at the out side of rod if I have to remove for oil bath my mil will help me even for replace she does the rod itself 3mm thick gold let me explain the piercing procedure one month after my marriage my septum piercing function started before this piercing both nose should have pierced since my both nose pierced before marriage due my mom interest hence all women in our family are wearing two nose stud so at my 14 age my both nose pierced since I can't avoid my mil made me to lie in her lap my both hands tied together back side of my mil so I can't get up she checked my septum to pierce in exact spot my sil holded my legs my husband holded my head mil took thick needle pressed in my septum with scramble of my voice needle entered rope with 8 folding passed through my septum knot tied rope remained in my nose for one month then she removed the rope broom stick placed daily she inspected my nose stick remains or fallen they changed the size once in 10 days when 3.5mm holes reached she placed jewel in my septum I can feel the weight while I lift my face my nose holes shines with two inner stud septum rod there is no open space for on week I struggle to do usual work my mil cares me she explained me how to adjust and carry always in our nose she said not to remove even it irritates once we removed we won't feel to wear so only for oil bsth 30 minutes we can remove first I feel it's a punishment but now I am enjoying the feeling and receiving great commants from relatives and boys admire my jewels my husband placed and admiring by watching my nose inside by making me lis in his lap that time he getting sex mood and daily enjoying me I thank god to gave a traditional family

Jan 24, 2017
Very nice NEW
by: Anonymous

Very nice to read about septum piercing in currant period even I want to enjoy my wife with three piercing in her nose may be within man I will fullfil my desire but my wife have to bare the pain since her is empty looks cute I think with jewels she will be looking gorgeous

Jan 21, 2017
Septum NEW
by: Anonymous

I pierced my wife septum and she got stud in night I fix the pendant and we both enjoy I gave written statement I am her slave

Jan 02, 2017
same NEW
by: promoth

so vineetha why not u pierced your secret place?if possible and if your husband like it pls go for it.but not's too much.only 5 is enough.but neval piercing is most nice you can restart with neval my dear.she has left nostrill ,double septum,20 ears and 2 neval pierced.but I don't like vagina if possible follow my wife.but septum piercing is related with sex life.only night she wear a havey septum ring called beshor.its about 6 gm.its coverd het lower have u like that ring.without septum ring sex life is incomplite.but most of the husband don't share your septum ring design.thanks....

Dec 22, 2016
I am also double stud girl NEW
by: Anonymous

I got two stud in my nose and septum I will describe

Dec 22, 2016
Moms piercings and i am joining to her NEW
by: Anonymous

Hai my name is vineetha from Maharashtra. I am married and 23 years old. My mom Vanaja she is 42 years old, and widowed when I was 10 years old. I got married at 19 years old after my marriage mom got alone at home. At discussing to my hubby we planned a marriage for her. We compelled her for two months atlast she agreed to remarry. Then we searched for groom for her at last we found a man he also a widower he is a goldsmith.And her marriage is fixed. And after one month her marriage is done. Me and my husband stayed their home. On the third day, my step dad's mom I call her Patti , she came to us with box in her hand. Mom and me are there Patti said" these are our custom ornament box which the DIL should be wear in Santhimoohoortham." Then she showed there are some chains I old fashioned and many studs anklets and toe ring. Patti again said" the DIL should wear nose studs on bothsides, and septum ring and more set of ear studs" after hearing her words mom got afraid. She had her nose pierced before but it was retired some years ago. She said to Patti" amma this is too much "
" I know vanaja, but it's our community's custom"
That time step dad came he encouraged mom" Vanaja it's our custom so you should do it"
I also encourage her. Next day Patti arranged another piercer for piercing mom. On the morning mom got ready with new saree and sat Infront of the piercer he started with mom's ear Patti marked mom's ear four places. And the piercer started to pierce after 30 minutes he finishes her mom's ear. Her ears holding 5 studs I each her eyes got watered she got some minutes rest for nose piercing. I given her painkiller. After that Patti marked her both nostrils the the piercer piercer pierced her right side and tighten the inner threds, and do the same for leftside. Then the septum this time Patti holder mom's head and piercer inserted the septum ring it was small with is very close to her nose tip. I looked mom she looked like goddess. Then Patti called step dad for wear her anklets and to rings. Mom put legs on the small table and he started first he put anklets on mom's feet , the toe fingers he inserted 3 rings in each feet. Mom got shy. The next day was mom's Santhimoohoortham. After that we gone to home.liked her double nosestud it strikes my mind. One I asked my hubby to pierced like mom. He agreed to me and I got my other side pierced. After 6 months mom and hubby came to our home .now her attire is changed she wears double nosestuds, first when she saw me she surprised and prised me forto got pierced my other nose. Then I noticed her now she have earstuds all the way up her ear. I counted it it is 10 on each ear. I asked her" mom you got ears pierced"
" Yes Vineetha,your step dad told his desire to do so, so I. Got it from his hand after he also a piercer"
" It looks nice on you mom"
"Thank you dear"
"Why didn't you wear septum ring"
" I removes it ,when I goes out and puts a small stud in the hole, see"
She showed me her nose fliped my I can see small earstuds in her nose tip.
" Mom I also like it can I have it"
" I hope you like it, if you like it my hubby will do it for you"
" But mom I have no jewellery to put in"
" You don't worry I will give you" she consoled me . I thought I will give surprise my hubby . So that I told mom to get it before my hubby comes home.
The she told this to stepdad. He took a needle and pierced my septum, then he asked " where is the jewellery" I said " I have no jewellery to put in"
Then mom sat I front of him and said" ji you remove my stud and put in her" he said " how lovely mom you are dear" then he removed the stud from mom's septum and put it in my hole. I was very happy . At night when were in bed my hubby noticed my piercing. I said " I liked mom's piercing so I did it"
" Me also dear, you are like your mom". He appreciated me. After two days mom gone. We celebrated mom's wedding anniversary at their home.After 6 months we got news that mom is pregnant.. After 3 months wmom came to our home for delivery. Me gone with her on with her to the hospital. On the delivery day the hospital person removed her all ornaments, because no other metal objects allowed in labour room. The nurse handed over the ornaments to me.i looked at them 10 set ear studs, two nose studs and anklets , 3 set of toe rings. And 13 gold rings more. I thought what is these rings,so I kept in mind and decided to ask her later. Afternoon she delivered a boy. At 3 days she,and Patti came home with the baby. After two weeks Patti gone to home. This two weeks mom doesn't wear any ornaments. One day I given to her and " mom these are your ornaments"
" Oh thank you baby"
" But mom's I saw there are more gold rings in it what is it".
" Oh baby it's my ornaments"
" But I didn't seen you wearing that".
" Oh thats" she incompleted her replay.
" Now let me help to wear this"
" OK mom, but mom you didn't told me what are those rings"
" I will tell you later"
Then I helped her to wear her ornaments, now again with she become as a goddess.But the rings where stoked my mind. Oneday In gone to her room, she was feeding the baby. I sat near to her. Then on the table I saw those rings. I acquired some courage to ask her again about that. I asked" mom you didn't told me what it is"
" Oh baby these are mine"
" If it is yours then why you don't wearing it"
" I need help to wear it"
" Help?"
" Yes, because it can't wear by myself"
" Every ornaments can be wear without anyones help"
" But it needs help".
" Mom be grand, I am your daughter tell me the truth" I compelled her at last she told me" baby because it's wears in secret places"
" Secret places what you mean,"
" Yes baby, these rings are for my boobs and vagina"
I got astonished and said" OMG mom,you wear these rings there".
" Yes baby, "
" Why mom"
" Because my husband's likes me with that"
" Oh mom, that's surprising"
" I love him so much because of that I agreed to wear that"
" Who did it for you"
" Ofcourse him self" then i said " OK, mom I will help you to wear these"
"You are a lovely daughter, " she kissed on my cheek.Then she said me to close the door.i closed it,Then she become nude infront of me her boobss got bigger by, and pubic area was shaven.she said " help me dear" then I taken the rings. She sat near to me and holded her boobs I looked her nipples, yes she have hole on her nipple she said " be careful, you should insert it gently"
"OK mom"
Then take one ring and started to insert her nipple, I finished it. Now mom have ring in one nipple. I do the same to the next. Now she holding her boobs with nipple rings. It's lovely to watch those nipples with gold rings. I tickled one of them she warned me and" no, don't play with it, how is it"
" It's more surprising to me mom"
"I know you are excited"
" Yes mom"
" Now the other one down there,"
She pointed her genital area. Now she sit her legs sped in front of me. And given instructions to me as she told me I started with her clitoral hood. I can see there is a hole I inserted one ring through the hole. Then she showed the 5 holes in each vulva. I inserted the remaining 10 rings in each hole. After finishing mom still sat like that. I saw her vagina with 11 rings, it was amazing.i excited that my mom have genital piercing. Then the baby cried the took the baby and started to feed. I looked the baby is licking her ringed nipples. Mom was me looking it she smiled at me. When she changed the baby to other breast I can see the milk oozing on the gold ring. She wiped it with a towel.after some time I gone to the room. Her piercings was new to me.the other days she didn't showed me her piercings. One day mom was watching TV with me feeding the baby,the baby started to caress her other boob and cought his hand through the ring mom got sound"ouch..ouch"
" What happend mom"
" Baby got pulled the ring, it's paining"
Then she removed his hand.on next month mom and my hubby at home , I taken my laptop and searched nipple piercing . I showed my hubby and said" dear, how I am look with that"
"Vineetha are you serious"
" Yes I am " then he said to mom
" Look mom what your daughter doing,sge is going to have rings through her nipples"
"Mom smiled at me"if she want let her do it son"
"Mom you're supporting her"
" Yes,you have any objections"
" No mom love her very much"
" Then let her do it"
After two weeks I got my nipples pierced like mom.that evening I gone to her room and showed her what I did. She said" it suits you more than me "
" But mom you are the inventor"
She laughed at me, my husband also liked my new piercing. After 6 months mom gone to home. After one year we celebrated the baby birthday. After one year she came home with the baby he is now 2 year old.she still breast feeds him.we were talking our .matters each other. The baby was playing suddenly he came to mom and st on her lap and unbuttoned her night dress she didn't wore bra because of feeding him he started to suck mom pierced nipplesand fondle the other mom doesn't care I noticed she changed the ring to stud. I asked her" mom did you changed the jewellery"
" Yes dear he pulls the ring. Every time so that I changed it to stud"
"You got idea" smiled
" What about down there is there the same"
"Oh no,there is more".
" More"
" Yes ,before I had. Now it's 25"
" Omg you are living with a jewellery showroom there"
She laughed" no dear it's for the babies fortune, looking at his horoscope, we did it"
" Let me see it mom"
" Ofcourse dear" the she lifted her dress. Then see her genital. Fully adorned with gold rings.the 5 in each side become 7 and inner Vulva got 5 in each." Mom it's very amazing, how it feels"
" It feels good , when I m walking, it's a good sensation "
" Excited to hear that"
She smiled at me. Now she have all those piercings.

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