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Dec 28, 2016
by: Anonymous

Wow you are so blessed to get family you getting nose pierced in this fashion world

Dec 26, 2016
double nose piercing of mom and sisters NEW
by: Anonymous

I am Ravi from a rural village of Tamilnadu. In my family I have mom, dad , and two sisters. At that time my elder sister was 14,younger sister was 10.the incidents happend when we had a Pooja at home for karmadosham by ancestors. After the Pooja the achari told dad a remedy that. All the ladies in the home wants to wear nose studs. Dad agreed to it.Me and sisters are sleeps in same from and dad and mom on other room. Dad told about this to mom. She was ready. She already had nose pierced on right side. Next month dad arranged a Goldsmith to piercing.I gone with mom to purchase nose studs. She bought 5 studs, 4 of them was single stoned and one was same design as mom's wears in her nose. When we returning home I asked mom why she bought 5, she told me,." For the remedy me, and your sisters have to wear nose studs'
" That I know mom, but why you bought,5 instead of 3"
" We all have wear it on bothsides'
" Oh..".
Then the day came the achari was there, first mom sat I front of him,he pierced mom's leftside and inserted the new stud. She looked like a devi. Then my elder sister, she got pierced on bothsides and inserted single stoned studs she was crying like a baby. The my younger sister done the same. Now in my home three ladies have 2 nosestuds. For one week their nose was red in color. Oneday when we are sleeping, I looked to elder sister, I saw there nosestuds blinking in the darkness. As the younger sister. I took a close view to my elder sister. In can see the stem of studs in her nose. I touched her nose and pulled the stud upward, suddenly she wake up. Asked " what are you doing"
" I am just looking your nose studs"
She saw it pulled upward.
" You, did it"
" Yes, Akka like your studs,"
" You silly boy"
She was OK with it. Then I started to play with her nose studs in nights. One day younger sister saw me doing that. After that I also played with her nose studs.after the years they got their ears pierced again at my wish. At the age of 18 my elder sister got married.on the wedding day she had both nose pierced and ear had 5 ear studs. Her husband also liked it.after one year of her marriage she got her septum pierced.After she got married I had only one nose to play, I liked it. At my wish my younger sister got her septum pierced before her marriage. When she become marriage age she got married . After my marriage my wife also got her otherside of nose pierced. Now my sister's, mom and wife are have double nose studs

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