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Jan 30, 2018
Secret piercings of my mom and sisters
by: Anonymous

So I assisted my dad in making gold jewellery I made some special ornaments for mom. I made two studs for mom's long black nipples and one stud for her clitoral hood. On that Sunday dad gone to town for some purchasing. Me and Mom only at home, she had finished making food and free so I got time to play with her I laid on her lap and twisted her nose studs she smiled , I said " Amma I made some special ornaments for you"
" Oh you such a loving son Ramesh show me what you made"
I took the three studs which was totally different from regular jewellery.
" Is it for my nose or ear?"
She asked, I hesitated first then I replied
" Amma don't call me mad it's for your nipples and pussy"
" What mine?"
" I want it decorated"
" I think it's not possible"
"It's Amma, you can I want it decorated and give surprise for appa"
" It's not a good idea,for some months I planned to get some more rings to my ear and a bullaki but this"
" Oh that's you thinking we can make your ears full of studs and a bullaki it's easy to get. But Amma you have to do this for me"
" I want some time to think about it"
" Ok take your own time"
That afternoon Amma returned with happy news that she is ready to get it done. I was so happy. " So what's your idea"
" I will pierce it now"
" Now? You crazy boy" she smiled. I take the studs and gold needle which we used to pierce traditionally. I removed the hooks of mom's blouse and freed her big boobs she was curious . I carresed her nipples so the milk sprayed out, mom smiled at me.
" Amma I am going to put hole in your lovely nipples are you ready?"
" Yes I am," she closed her eyes. I positioned the needle within a press the needle came out through the other side she cried I quickly inserted the gold jewellery inn and tighted it " amma look how is it"
" Oh my God it's so cute to look"
" So I can do the other too,"
" Off course" I did the same to the other. Now mom have both of her nipples pierced. Then I pulled up her saree she wasn't shaved . I pierced her hairy pussy.

Jan 29, 2018
Secret piercings of my mom and sisters
by: Anonymous

We had a nice family setup that me,dad,mom only knows that I had intimate relationship with mom, she took care of my dick when i reach puberty that some times she fondled it and massaging my dick. I also kept it secret from my sister's. I never masturbated because my beautiful mom she cared my dick well she began to suck my dick when I was 13 because of mom's extra care I got a size of 10 inch. Be untill 18 she didn't allowed me fucked her
One of the craziest thing that I used to play with her big boobs since my child hood.And she breastfed me along with my youngest sister. But I countined till my 26 the age. Mom also had milk in her boobs for me till that time after she got menopause that thing ended.Dad also enjoyed it because his wife still have milk in her boobs she also needed him.The other my activities was playing with mom's piercings especially her nose studs while she sucking my dick I used to play with her nose studs rotating it and pull upwards she also liked it. Because of my play with her boobs they become too saggy. I liked her saggy big boobs.when my younger sister passed 10th she moved with elder sister and she got admission near her home. She comes home only for vacations. So we got freedom to our plays. On my 18 th birth day I got chance to see mom's pussy and fuck her pussy. Her pussy was so beautiful like lotus flower. The incident was like that night after we had food talking about dad's business. Mom was near to me suddenly she began to fondled my dick and released it and started to suck. That time dad removed her saree and sucked her big melons. Because of my everyday sucking her black nipple are become half and inch long she moaned after that she guided my dick into her hot pussy I was I wonderland with minutes I cumned in her . Since then the fucking is become habit.

Jan 29, 2018
Secret piercings of my mom and sisters
by: Anonymous

Hi I am Ramesh from Andhra 40 years unmarried old going to describe about the piercings of my mom and sisters. We are from Goldsmith family in Andhra. My mom and my three sisters are have some secret piercings other than the regular piercings which common women have. All of them done by me my father. My dad raju is now 73 years old and mom sushma is 62 years old. My sister's two are elder to me Rekha,45 years old. Reshmi ,43 years old. Younger sister Raji 37 years old all are married. Rekha have 3 daughters two were married and one is studying, reshmi have one daughter and son. Raji have 2 daughters. So to the incidents mom and sisters have their nipples and genitiles pierced for 22 years. About mom she is little dark in color 5 feet 4 inch height with knee-length black hair and have 40DD sized breasts. Sisters are like the younger copies of mom. As the custom mom had her both nostrils pierced when she got married at the age of 16 and she still wears besari in the holes. Before 22 years she had only 3 pair of ear studs but now it is 12 in each ear.

Oct 04, 2010
Why are nose rings banned

Why are nose rings banned in some Western countries?
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