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Dec 28, 2016
by: Anonymous

I want to enjoy like you so I appointed a servant without nose pierced I will explain her to full fill my piercing habit I think I will pierce her nose both side very soon

Dec 26, 2016
double nose pierced servant NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I am Nithin from trichi. When I am 15 years old a lady named Kavita came to our home for house hold jobs. She was about 35 years old widowed lady. She had a son of 13 years. She was widowed 5 years back. She stayed at our home and her son stayed with her mom at the village. She was a nice lady all time wears saree. I have seen pierced marks on ears and nose. She made very good company with me. I was a piercing fetish that I like piercing. Even though my Mom had her nose and ears pierced. Because we were good friends one time I asked Kavita Didi ,I call her Didi. " Didi what's some marks on your ears and nose" first she couldn't understand what I meant. So she asked me" what Nithin"
" Didi that is some marks on your ear and nose"
This time I pointed her ear, then she knew she said" Nithin,i had pierced my ears before , after my husband's death I removed it"
"But Didi there is more holes"
" Yes Nithin, that time I had my ears pierced for 5 times and nose also"
" That nice to hear Didi, but it's too much"
" I know if my husband still alive I will made to wear more ear studs"
"You can wear that any time"
" But Nithin iam a widow, I can't" by saying that she started to cry. I consoled her. After one year dad made proposal to her , a man near to our home. She agreed to that . Next month her parents and son came to home and marriage was done. Her new husband was a taxy driver at town he comes home weekends. After marriage she gone with her husband two weeks, . After two weeks she came home now her attire is changed she got her nose pierced on leftside,and second ear piercing was done. And wears silver anklets and toe rings on her feet. Next day when she was at kitchen I came next to her she was me and asked" oh Nithin you here"
" Yes ,Didi" her face was glowing with that nose stud, I told her" Didi , now you look beautiful with piercings, "
" Oh thank-you Nithin"
" Your feet looks nice with anklets and toe rings"
"Thanks, all married ladies wants to wear this" she Shaked her legs now the sound of anklet echoes in the kitchen.
" Didi, you have pierced ear again"
" Yes , how it looks"
" It would be look nice with more"
" I like it too,may be after I will get it"
" Nice Didi" then I gone to my room. For weekend s Didi goes to her husband's home. Two months later one weekend she gone to home . Next Monday came home .I didn't see her at morning . Evening when I came to home. She was there,i heard her anklets sound in kitchen. She came to my room with was a big big surprise to me ,she now have nose stud on other side too. I taken the tea from her hand and tod" Di Di thats a surprise"
" What"
" You wearing two nose studs"
" Oh Nithin, my husband bought this to me"
" When you pierced it"
" On Sunday"
" You looks nice Didi, can I see"
" You can see it,now"
" No Didi, I want to look how it is inside your nose,could you show me"
" For what"
" Didi, I like nose pierced ladies, I never seen any one with two nose studs"
She smiled at me and said " OK, see it".
,Then I came near to her , she pushed her head backward to get me the view. Now I can see the inner threds of her nose studs. Old ones tread is small so it is very tight in the nose, but the new ones stem was long. So the remaining portion of the stem is clearly visible and can see it comes out from the flesh.i looked it for 5 minutes. Then she gone to the kitchen. For next few months she has become more beautiful. In that period her mother in law was dead. After that she came home to surprise me. She had her ears pierced again for four times and with 6 earstuds in each ear. And the nose stud remained the same. One Saturday mom and dad were not at home. Didi called me and said" Nithin you have to help me".
" How I help Didi"
" You have to help me to wear these nose studs, which was belongs to my mother in law"
She showed me two Big nosestuds
"Ofcourse Didi, I will help you" then I started to remove her old studs, I put my finger inside her nose and unscrewed it. And did the same to next side. Then I took the bigger studs. I can see it's stem is thick. I told her" Didi it's stem is thick, the hole is small for it"
" I know Nithin" then she took some oil and put on her pierced holes. And said me to insert it. I started I pushed the stem toward the hole because it's small he got pained she made some noise, so I stopped asked" Didi is it pains"
" Yes it is ,but no problem you insert it"
I pushed it forcefully, and she made aloud scream. The stud is in I flipped her nose it's stem was thick and long, it mostly touches her cartilage inside nose.i screwd the inner tread. And did the same on other side. Now her eyes got watered but she was beautiful with that big studs. I interested well so I pinched her nose together she screamed loud. But she didn't said any thing to me.. that time I made a promise by her that I can look her nose studs when I want, she was also happy to it. From then when we are getting time I like to play with her nose studs.she allows me to remove and put her nose studs and earstuds.accordingto my wish she pierced her ears again now wears 9 in each ear. Because of the big studs and my play with her nose, her piercing hole in the nose become big and her nosestud are easily moves in the time I told that to her. She said she likes it's view. I am now 21 yearold now also I like to play with her nose studs. She also likes it

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