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Dec 24, 2016
my moms marriage
by: Anonymous

Hi I am Nidhi from Bangladesh, 32 years old. These incidents which are happend in my life. I am belongs to adivasi community there.m y mother was widowed when I was 10 years old. In our community there was a custom, that widowed lady and her daughter will get married to same man. After the daughter get mature she can lead family life with husband. After two years of dads death the relatives arranged marriage for mom and me the man who is going to become our husband was only 18 years old and mom was 30 at that mom had her septum and nose pierced when dad was alive after his death she removed all that with her anklets and toe rings. The the day came. Me and my mom got married to the man. He put mangalsutra on mom's neck as well a significance of married lady, he put anklets and toe rings on both me and mom's feet. after he stayed at our home. I am the only girl in my age who wears tourings and bindi on for head , some of my friends asked about that. I told them that I am married.
After marriage,we stayed together we had a small house so we bed on same room.. firstly mom was not happy with marriage after she got familiar with it and started caring our husband. One night when we are one bed husband asked mom" why you are not wearing ornaments "
She said" because I am widowed"
" But you are not widowed now, you are my wife"
" Yes, ji" she was obeying him. After two days he came home with some jewellery. At night he told mom " are you ready to pierce"
" Yes ,ji, when who will pierce"
" I will do it"
" Yes, ji"
Then he take arrangements I was seeing what he do he first pierced mom's left nose and inserted a ring, then the right ,he did the same. After that he pierced mom's septum she got cried when he pierced her. Atlast he inserted the ring. Then he pierced her ears 4 times in each ear. After that he told me to. Sat there but mom she interrupted him" ji she is young"
" But, you two are my wife and married you should have wear this"
Mom have no answer she just nodded. I was interested to get pierced
, I said mom"mom it's OK, I am also his wife I will obey him"
" Yes that's my girl" he said . And started to pierce. Within half an hour he completed on me that my bothsides nose and septum pierced and ear pierced 3 times.. I was the only girl at 12 year to wear septum ring in our community.After 6 months one night we were sleeping I heard some noise that's moms noise
" Oh, ji what your saying it's not possible"
" Why it can't possible" she was talking to our husband
" You are saying piercings in that places make the baby healthier"
" Yes,"
" But this is not practiced in our community"
" It's for the baby, you just co operate "
At last mom agreed to him.i acted like sleeping to see what they gonna do.
The husband removed my mom's dress now she was fully naked Infront of him. Then he put some clothes on mom's mouth and taken a needle and started to pierce mom's nipples. He pierced one side and do the same to next side. I can see mom crying with pain. But the noise is not coming. After that he started to pierce mom's genital. And adorned there this 3 ring. After that he said mom t stand-up, she done now I can see mom have rings in her both nipples and vagina. Then she redone saree. I got afraid by that. Next morning I see her walking little shaky. After three months she got pregnant by him . Next year she delivered a girl. On the ear piercing ceremony of baby mom got her ear pierced again. And it ended up with she having 10 in each ear. She was very beautiful with that ceremony I got my ears pierced two times.. one day mom was feeding the baby I was there I seen her rings and just asked her what it is. Then she Said" it's nothing baby,"
" Mom don't lie"
" I have seen what he did on you"
" You seen ,it"
" Yes, didn't slept that day"
" Oh, God's

" Mom but it looked nice on you mom"
After two years she delivered a boy. After that two kids. When I am become 18 mom had 4 kid from our husband. And she become more plumb. When I turned 18 mom arranged first night for me and husband. That night on bed he told me" Nidhi we are going to start a new life"
" Yes ji"
" For that you should have some modifications"
"What is it"
" You should have to wear these rings,x," and showed some rings. I known he is going to pierce me but iam ready to do anything for him. ,I told" yes ji i am ready to do anything for you,"
Then he called mom she came to the room, he told me to undress , I did that. Then mom sat near to me and he started with my nipples I looked at my nipples last time without ring.then he started on me after 10 minutes I had rings through my each nipples it was so painful. Then he started o. My vagina. I heared the pain. But my surprise I had more than mom he pierced me on 10 places and inserted the ring. After that he told mom to undress then she got another rings on each nipples. Next year I delivered a boy. Now it's been 12 years, in that pierced I got my ear pierced all the way. And added another rings on my nipples. And I got delivered 5 children for him and mom also she got another 3 kids.the last kid was mom got in last year. I think it's her last she is now 48. Me and mom lives with same husband with all the best piercing which he done for us

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