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Dec 21, 2016
my moms second marriage and her piercings NEW
by: Anonymous

My name is Rachana lives in Hyderabad. I am married for 4 years. My mom rekha she was married in 18 years old and my dad dead when I was 10 years old. After my marriage mom is alone at home . At mme and my husband's interest she agreed to marry again. We found a man who was a widower and he was a godsmith, mom is only 40 and he was about 56 years old. And we done there marriage. The changes in her started after marriage. Before marriage she had nose pierced on right side but she removed it some years ago and had one set ear piercings Mom lives 260 km apart from us .I every month goes to mom. 3 months after marriage I gone to her home . Now she had changed a bit she got her nose pierced again and wears a 3 stone mookkuthi and silver anklets and toe rings as a significance of married women.i stayed there one day ad back to my home. Next month I also gone to her there was a surprise to me my mom welcomed me now she wears double mookkuthi. I got excited and asked her" mom you got it pierced"
" Yes dear, your step dad wants it he want to look me like his old wife"
" It suits you mom" a smile flashed on her face. I looked at her nose, Mine Only single side is pierced.then I noticed she also got her ear pierced two she look more feminine with that.
After six months she visited me with her husband. That day night I laying on her lap, I found some thing on her nose some thing glittering on her nose I asked her" mom what's in your nose"
" It's mookkuthi dear"
"No some thing inside"
" Oh thats bullaki "
" Did you pierce bullaki"
" Yes,mu husband done it for me ,in home I wears ring" she showed me the bullaki to me. Me also liked it. I asked to my hubby to get it . He agreed and I got it next month by my step dad.A after two years I got a good news that my mom is pregnant. I gone to mom's home for her pregnancy care.she delivered a boy. My step brother. One I was watching TV step dad gone for work. She came with the baby and sat near to me.the baby cried after sometime . Then she opens the blouse and taken her boob out now I seen is I can't believe. She had a ring in her boobs.i got excited so I asked "mom what is on your boobs" she hesitated. I asked her again ,so she told me" baby I have rings in my nipples"
" Are you serious mom"
"Yes I had it for 2 years,your stepdad wants to me wear that"
" Oh can I see it"
"Ofcourse but after finishing the baby"
The baby finished the feeding . Then she faced close to me. And taken her other boob out two big boobs with ring though the nipple. Mom smiled at me. I can't believe that my housewife mom have nipple rings.

Jan 01, 2014
boy with nose stud NEW
by: Anonymous

iam also a boy i pierced my nose both sides and placed stick to keep the holes when i use to out of city i wear nose studs on both sides and enjoy the strange look of others

Dec 30, 2013
nose pierced NEW
by: Anonymous

Please help me piercing my nose both sides . I want it. But being a male unfortunately I couldn't. How

Jun 03, 2012
As a boy I pierced my nose when I was in college. NEW
by: SK, Mumbai

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