traditional double nose studs

by visalakshi

Hi, i am visalakshi aged 36.I am

also nose pierced on both sides.I
would lkie to share my experience
through this forum.I was born in a
village near Thiruvaiyar in
Thanjavur dist of Tamilnad as the
youngest of 3 daughters and a
son.The eldest daughter was 12
years older to me and the second
daughter was 10 years older and
the brother was 6 years older.We
are orthodox iyer family and grew
up in the village. The village
custom in those days was that
girls were given the right nose
piercing at around 7-8 years and
were sent to school around that
age only.When they reached the
age of 15 the left nose was also
pierced and the average age for
marriage was 15-18, by which
time SSC would be
complete.Beyond SSC was rare.In
line with this policy my sisters
Kamakshi and Meenaksi got their
right nose pierced ar around
8.The eldest, Kamakshi also got
left nose pierced at 15 and got
married at 17 after completing
SSC.She is also wearing only 9
yards saree after marriage.The
next sister, Meenakshi got her left
pierced at 18 just before her
marriage on completing SSC. Now i
being the last and a bit pampered
had some relaxation.My right nose
was done when i was 10 and i
continued to do my HSC as well.I
was 19 when completed HSC and
soon a match got Feb. The
in laws however sought time of 6
months in order to cater to the
delivery schedule of their
daughter.There was also no talk of
left nose piercing by in laws as
well as my parents since times had
changed a lot from 1st marriage
to now ie a gap of around 15
years and village policy was also a
bit relaxed and double nose studs
was not compulsory.I was hoping
it would pass off with only the
right nose.Now the unexpected
happened.Suddenly 2 weeks after
my marriage got fixed a proposal
came for my brother too and got
fixed for April wedding.My mother
wanted her DIL to wear on both
sides but was hesitant to ask
them.Kamakshi stepped in and
told them that the bride should
wear on both sides as that was
the custom and all daughters are
following and DIL would be no
exception. They reluctantlu agreed
and my SIL who is only 3 months
older to me and is also HSC
passed like me got 2 nose
studs .At my brother's wedding my
il laws were also invited.At the
ceremony the 2 sambandhis
interacted and my in laws
wondered why their DIL should
not be wearing on both
sides.Immediately they took up
with my father and here again
Kamakshi stepped in and said that
it was a foregone conclusion that
my left nose would be pierced and
i was never exempt from family
traditions.Thus my fate was
sealed.At 19 i got married with
wearing sparkling diamond studs
on both the nostrils and am still
wearing them .The piece of
consolation is i am not wearing 9
yards like Kamakshi .Another good
news is that my husband's sister
also got her left nose pierced and
is wearing on both sides.Sorry for
the long story. Visalakshi

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Dec 20, 2016
my moms piercing NEW
by: Anonymous

I am Akshaya, my mom is a beautician 4 years before she got job in Singapore.she was a nice women her nose was pierced on leftside and ear pierced two times.she comes home for leave 2 months every year.w hen she came for the first leave she changed a bit she wears Jean and t shirts now. Me,sister and dad gone to airport to receive her. She came I noticed her now she wears nose stud on right side.a and added two more studs on ear.w e reached home. Art night we were talking mom sitting next to me I asked her" mom why wearing nosestud on right side,"
" Oh dear, I got pierced it in Singapore where right side is common"
" So the old one is retired"
" No I wear two nose studs every time, here people aren't like that they didn't wear bothsides. But in Singapore even young ladies like you wear double nose studs"
I inspected her nose it's right her leftside hole is not closed
Next day mom and dad got ready go outside. This time she wears nose stud on leftside.
That night I saw her with two nose studs ,her face was shining.i lied my head on her lap now I can see the inner threds of her nose stud shining inside her nose.. for that leave me and my sister got our nose pierced .she returned to singapore after 2 months.
For next year leave she came now she wears nose stud on bothsides, this time she have some more additions to her ears, tragus and two more studs on lobe. Two days later when iam lying on her lap I noticed some thing inside her nose, I didn't understand so asked her" mom what is in your nose,"
" What" she asked
" Some thing shining in between your nose"
" Oh that that's septum ring, I got it for my luck"
" Luck,?"
," Yes baby it makes me me more confident"
" Then why you are hiding it"
" It's not common here, people will laugh at me seeing with this "
",Could you show me"
At my request she pulled down her horseshe type septum ring. That was amazing. I touched " mom could you remove it"
,," Ofcourse"
Then she removed her septum ring and put in her hand. I looked at nose and checked the hole it's like a small pinch through her septum. I asked her ," let me re insert for you,"
She nodded yes. Then I taken the ring and inserted through her pierced hole and fixed the ball. When she goes out she removes the septum and one nose home she wears all three.
For the third leave she had nothing , other than tattoo on her anklet and my and sisters name on her biceps.
For the fourth years leave she came two weeks before. We gone to airport and received her.This time she had added two earstuds to make it 7 in each ear.normally she wears T-shirts at home. Two days later in night while having food I noticed her she was beautiful with her nosestuds ands septum ring. Then on chest there is two circles on each side. I think she didn't worn bra.its clearly visible through her dress. I got doubted . Next day I asked her, she worn the same dress " mom can you ask something"
," Yes honey,"
I hesitated " I can see two small circles on your chest, what is it,"
" That's secret"
" What secret"
" If you want to know I will tell you"
" Then tell me what is it"
" It's my anniversary gift by you dad"
" Gift?"
" Yes gift, he bought me two gold rings to wear".
" But mom, rings are worn in hand,how it could be there,"
She laughed at me and said" yes rings are worn in hand, but I wear it in my nipples"
" Nipples, how it is possible"
," I got it pierced like ears pierced"
" Omg mom you got your nipples pierced"
" Yes honey"
" Let me see it"
She came near to me and stretched the T-shirt, now the rings are more visible..
" Couldyiu show him how it looks" she hesitated a little and said" OK, after all you are my daughter"
She pulled the T-shirt upward the breast came out. The nipples were adorned with gold rings.t hat was nice. " How it looks" she asked
," Mom that is nice, is it pains,"
" It's healed now, it pains more than other piercings"
,"Me also want this,,"
" Not now afteryiur marriage you can have them right"
For that two month I always fascinated about moms nipple rings, that was made her more sexy. After the leave she gone singapore. And will come next year

Jul 31, 2016
traditional nose piercing NEW
by: Anonymous

Hai my ears are not pierced in my child hood my astrologer said the ritual can be done during marriage but my nose also should be pierced along with ears and to carry always these things i dont know my marriage date fixed that morning 6 am after taking bath my mom called me and said sit in front of a person i asked how i will wear nose being a boy but every one pressed me he pierced my ears both sides and white single stone stud placed and he pierced my nose both side and stud placed i felt shy they took me marriage hall i married her name radha after mariage we went to my mil house there my wife and her sister laughed at me and pressed my nose and said your wife got only ear rings but you got nose stud and ear stud i said will remove after 7 days without informing my mom that night my wife said she will get her nose pierced next day we went to jewelry shop she got one side pierced i said after one month i will remove my nose stud so i kept my nose stud in my nose on 30 th day i removed my stud and gave it to my wife she kept in her bag and felt sad that evening i returned home she got stud in her left nose on seeing her support i replaced my nose stud in my nose and showed to my mom and my wife on seeing me my mom thanked my wife for her support to our tradititon

Jun 05, 2016
translate in English NEW
by: Anonymous

Please translate in English please. So all can read it . We would love to read it . Please translate it or re write in English please. Eagerly waiting.

Jun 05, 2016
traditional nose piercing NEW
by: Anonymous

enaku chinna vayasula ear piercing panavillai so enga paati enoda marriage appo ear and nose piercing ore time pannikalam enru fix pannitaanga enaku pen paarthanga ava per radha enaku pidichu irukunu sonen enoda reception mudinchathu morning 9 am marriage naan 6 o clock ready agiten ange oru aasari vanthaaru en amma ennai koopitaanga ennai avar mun utkaara sonaanga naan ippo etharku inga enna pannreenganu keten enaku kaathu kuthanum enru sonaanga naan enaku vetkama irrruku 24 vayasu payanuku ear piercing no no enren anaal ellaarum ennai azuthu utkaara vachaanga enoda 2 kaathum kuthinaanru 2 white stone stud tight pannaaru appuram enoda right mooku kuthinaaru oru ring potu lock pannitaaru naan vetkapatu thalaiya kunchukiten appuram ennai manamedai kootuponaanga naan radhuvuku thaali katinen evening en mil veetirku senren ange en wifoda sister en roomuku vanthu ungaluku mookuthi kamal anaal enga akha kamal matum iruka enru kindhal panni en mookai kilinaal enaku shama iruku 7 naal varaikum intha kamal mookuthi irukunumaam appuram naankazatiduven enren aval en wife varasona avalum vantha mama kamalum mookuthiyum 7 naal potipaaram enru ennai maativitutaa en wife neenga kazataheenga theiyakutham aagidum enru kenchinaal avalum mookuthi potukolvatha promise panna naan appuram pakalaam enru appo samaalichen 7 days aval ennai oru kuzanthai maathiri parthukitaa enoda kamalukum mookin ringikum oil vitu nalla aaravackutaa enaku kamalaiyum noseringaiyum thotta valikavillai ennai oru jewelry shopuku kootitupona ange 3 mookuthi select panna return varumpothu oru asaari kite antha mookuthia koduthu avalaoda 2 mookaiyum kutha sonna appuram oru mookuthia enoda ring eduthitu potuvida sonna naan asaari mun amarthen avar ippo vendaam 3o days appuram vaa enru solitaar naan avalai mookuthiyodu paarthavudan unakaaga naane vanthu mookuthi potikiren enru promise pannen enaku avaloda mookai paarka romba pidichu pochu thinam aval mugathai paathu koncha aarambichuten 30th day naane asarikite mookuti potikitu veetirku vanthen aval enakum enoda mookuthikum muthama koduthaal en amma munnadiye en amma romba thanks ma enaku nalla marumakal kidaichutaa enru avalai paaratinaanga ippo naang romba jolliya iruku intha traditional piercing enga life jolly lifa maathiduchu ippo 10th anversary

Dec 05, 2014
My daughters nose piercing NEW
by: Suman

I have 2 is of 6 years and another is of 9 mil come in our home for somedays to live..she loves both of my daughters too much..wo meri betiyo ke liye dress aur fruits b laayi thi village se..aur nose ring b.meri betiyo ke nose piercing ni the..wo kehti ab yeh dono badi ho ri hai inka nose pierce kar dete hai.maine apni betiyo se pucha to wo kehti ni krwana..Phir mere husband aur maine apni badi beti ko pakda aur dadi ke pas bithaya unhone sui dhage se uska nose pierce kardiya,phir choti ka bhi karwa diya..wo gusa thi..par kuch days baad khush hogyi.

Nov 25, 2014
thanks for our tradition NEW
by: Anonymous

I like our tradition your beautiful nose now glittering with double mookuthi so your husband also very lucky to get double mookuthi wife every night you lie on your husband laps so he can enjoy your inner nose thread which will make him more love and joy even you will get great affection from him even i got two studs on my husband request daily my husband changes my mookuthi and enjoy my appearance so you go with your studs to any where which will make other women to think of getting mookuthi like you

Nov 23, 2014
congratulations.. NEW
by: Anonymous

can u share u r husbands sister double nose studs story ?? how and why she got her left nostril pierced...?? ..
9 yard madisar saree wearing is not bad at all ...give it a try u will love ti wear it and may opt for it permanently..

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