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Sep 26, 2016

Changing gauge sizes

Can u switch from a 20 gauge to 18 after 2 years

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Jul 11, 2016

HELP !!!!!

I got my nose pierced about a month agao. And its like a living hell. I got it do with a little plastic gun the was brand new.I had absolutely no idea

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Apr 27, 2016

Is my nose pierced too high?

I just got my nose pierced last weekend, and the way it's positioned it looks like it could be a bit to high for a nose ring..which I want to switch to

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Apr 27, 2016

Its been almost a month.

My nose ring felt fine the first 2 weeks but then it started hurting on the 3rd week, and one day I woke up with I think dry blood around the ring and

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Oct 11, 2015


one day i went to my neighbour aunty house she was in the bath room she kept her nose studs on the table so took them and hided in side my pocket after


Aug 01, 2015

Nose Ring - Highlights and Snippets

Nose Ring - Highlights and Snippets. Here we summaries for the best of our website content for your easy navigation.

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Jul 30, 2015

why is it bleeding piercing

so I just got my nose pierced a few days ago, and when I went to clean it today, it was bleeding. does this mean it's infected?

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Jul 30, 2015

nose piercing help

I got my nose pierced on my birthday, December 30. Its now Feb 28 so it's been about 2 months since I've had it pierced. Lately I've noticed that a small

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Jul 30, 2015

Nose piercing

I got the right side of my nose pierced and its now larger than the left side is that normal i got it done about two days ago and if thats normal will

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Jul 30, 2015

Nose ring

Am I fine if my nose ring rotated inside my nose ?

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Jul 30, 2015

Ripped out nose stud

Question: I really need help please !!! I had my nose pierced early December. 4days after my new piercing I accadently knock it out it, it was never the

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Jul 30, 2015

Nose stud fell down the drain all I had is a retainer only 1 week old? Should I worry?

My stud feel down the drain it's only about a week old. I had a clear retainer so I put that in. Should I be worried? What do I do? I have other jewlery

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Jul 30, 2015

besari mookuthi for a boy

from my childhood i use to play with my neighbour iyer aunty she dont have children so she was very affectionate to me she always use to kiss me and touch

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Jul 30, 2015

mookuthi importance in tamilnadu

Tamil nattu pengaluku mooku kuthi mookuthi potal parka romba alagavum brightavum Ella girlsum from 15 to 20 agekulla right side mooku kuthi

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Feb 24, 2015

My MIL pierced my septum relectantly

Hi I am nidhi from bihar.After three days of married. MY MIL told me to pierce my septum but I was not ready for it.MIL was resist to pierce my septum

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Feb 24, 2015

Rettai mookuthi

Ennoda peru ruthreswari.. Ellarum enna ruthra nu koopiduvanga.. Ok enna pathi soldren na ippa college padichitruken. Aana na school 10th padikum podhu..

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Feb 24, 2015

மூக்குத்தியின் சிறப்புகள்

ஹிப்னாட்டிசம் செய்பவரை விரட்டுமாம் மூக்குத்தி By vayal on 10/09/2014 ‘வாழ்தல் உயிர்கன்னள் ஆயிழை சாதல் அதற்கன்னள் நீங்கும் இடத்து.’ - ஆராய்ந்தறிந்த நல்ல

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Feb 17, 2015

nose piercing

I have had my nose pierced for two days now & sometimes its a little red. I just wanna know if its normal or not cause it kinda scares me & makes me think

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Feb 17, 2015


I just got my use pierced. And I was cleaning. It and accidentally moved the stud and now it feels weird. It's not in the right laying place and I can't

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Feb 17, 2015

Just got it done

I got my piercing done yesterday and today i changed it into a clear stud for school. I am really scared it will get infected because i changed it so early?

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Feb 17, 2015

Nose ring is bent...?

I got my nose pierced about 3 weeks ago with a captive bead ring and in trying to put the bead on I bent the ring so it's not a perfect circle anymore.

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Feb 17, 2015

Nose hoops

Can I leave the ball off the hoop and just wear it without it?

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Feb 17, 2015


I just did my nose piercing with a gun and a sterlized earing when shallni remove it and put another in my nose??

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Jan 12, 2015

Changing nose ring

I have had my nose pierced since april 2014 with a stud and I really want to wear a ring but when I do change it, it gets like a white substance around

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Dec 28, 2014


I want to get my nose pierced and im 12. Does it hurt alot or just a little bit and is the needle better than the gun?

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Dec 28, 2014

my mil forced to pierce my nose

Last month i got married my husband is very carrying but my mil always creates some problem with me. one frieday removed her two mookuthis for oil bathh

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Dec 28, 2014

unga funniest nosepiercing story sollunga

College la or school la boys girls kitta bet katti thothu poi saree kattikitadhu, chudidhar pottukittadhu or mooku kuthikitadhu ponnungaluku munnadi paiyanuku

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Dec 28, 2014

my double nose piercing dream came true

I am a nose fetish guy i use to pierce girls nose only in picture and use to keep in my cupboard. after my marriage i left my nose piercing hobby because

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Dec 28, 2014

both sides pierced

Hi, i am visalakshi aged 36.I am also nose pierced on both sides.I would lkie to share my experience through this forum.I was born in a village near Thiruvaiyar

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Dec 28, 2014


iam 13 year old guy one day i saw my neighbour aunty taking bath from upstair suddenly she had a look so i get caught and maDE ME to stay in her room and


Dec 28, 2014

Tricked Piercing by Mom

When I was studying in college, I has been asked by my mom to get my nose pierced as it is not good being empty nose.But I didnt hear her words and keep

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Dec 28, 2014

Painful nose pierce

I am an 18 year old girl.I also have a story related to pierce.Usually girl's ears will be pierced before 1 year age.But my ears was pierced when I was

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Dec 28, 2014

My daughter's nose pierced

Mera name neha verma hai.meri 2 betiya hai...hmare yaha ldki ke naak kaan chidana jaruri hai..meri badi beti 15 saal ki hogyi thi aur nose pierce ko mana

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Dec 28, 2014

Nice with double nose and septum piercing

Please add and join as a friends in INDIAN DOUBLE NOSE AND SEPTUM PIERCING CLUB. I think a lot of other young girl must supported double nose piercing

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Dec 28, 2014

nose piercing

my nose pierced over 5 years and i always had in a stud and decided to change it to a hoop....i went to a piercing shop to get it changed and everything

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Dec 28, 2014

Ring Size

I just got my septum pierced and I got it at standard 16 ga. Its pierced w little high but its just fine. I was wondering, once healed, does it sink? Meaning,

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Dec 28, 2014

Back piece

I just got my nose pierced a week ago and today the back piece fell out I'm scared to touch it will it fall out while I'm sleeping and if so what do I

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Dec 28, 2014

Nose Piercing FAQ

if I get a nose piercing , will it effect my breathing or singing in any way badly? I am a singer and I don't want a piercing to ruin the way I sound,

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Dec 28, 2014

nose piercing ripped hole skin

so i got my nose pierced about a month ago and while i was cleaning it i accidentally pulled on it and it made the hole bigger and then my piercing went

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Dec 28, 2014

nose piercing

My 18 year old daughter had her nose pierced and now wishes she had not. can she simply remove it and continue to care for it until it closes?

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Dec 28, 2014


I had my septum pireced two week ago. i have to go for a colonoscopy and need to take it out for two to hours will my hole close in?

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Dec 28, 2014

Nose piercing

I just got my piercing done yesterday with a ball. Is it normal for the ball to be half way sunken in my skin?

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Dec 28, 2014

Mukku pudaka

Am from nellore am only child of perents my mom all ways treat me as girl my childhood she piearcing my ears drap me girl cloths now am 20 years mom whants

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Dec 23, 2014

did my piercing go through?

hi, i pierced my nose myself a few days ago. every thing looks great, but i'm worried i didn't get the piercing all the way through! how can i tell? any

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Nov 21, 2014

Any one wants to pierce my nose both sides

i am a college girl in chennai every one even my friends suggest me to wear stud in my nose because my nose looks perfect shape one annual day function

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Nov 21, 2014

mom forcing me to pierce my nose

Iam a colloge going girl in my family all woman use to wear two mookuthi so my mom started asking me to pierce my nose atleasr one side i said after finnishing

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Nov 21, 2014

Forced nosepiercing

My forced nose piercing Story by shekhar I am lalita. I will narrate my forced painful nose piercing two weeks back. Really it was an unforgettable day

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Nov 21, 2014

I Want An Nose Piercing But Its To Oily-- I THINK

My nose gets oily around my nose all the time but i want my nose peirced or should I wait and take care of the oily skin first so that it heals properly?

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Nov 21, 2014

i pierced my girl friend nose three sides

I got a girl friend very carrying when i was 2 years old my nose was pierced and copper stud fixed in my nose as our family tradition from my childhood

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