nose pierce bump

by Sherry
(United States)

My daughter got her nose pierced 10/19/10. She now has a 'bump' that is visible on top of her nose and inside. The 'bump' seems to go from the jewlery (top) to the curve in the nose ring. I don't think it's infected, it looks more like a growth of extra skin. Any recommendations?

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Mar 19, 2012
how to get rid of extra skin around pierced nose NEW
by: Anonymous

i have pierced nose now i can see extra growth of skin around the piercing .i want to retain the hole but want to get rid of extra skin.please suggest some tips

Sep 20, 2011
Don't Worry
by: Lowen

I had my nose pierced about a year ago and the same thing happened to me for the first few months so i looked it up and yes its a small growth of the skin around the piercing and is usually due to the stud being knocked around/bumped which affects the healing process. to help it you can buy sea salt from a supermarket and mix it with warm water then soak some clean fabric in the mixture and hold to the nose as a compress which helps to reduce the bump after a week or so. Once healed make sure that you don't knock the piercing again as it can reappear and the more times this happens the longer it will take to heal!

Mar 25, 2011
allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

I had the same thing happen to my cartilage piercing on my ear. She's probably just allergic to the metal of the piercing. I recommend switching to a higher karat gold piercing.

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