my 2nd piercing which took less than 30 seconds

by Bharati

though I had piercing on left side of my nose even before marriage, my hubby started repeatedly requesting for 2nd side piercing also to wear on both sides. for the fear of being laughed at by others and relations, who do not wear on both sides and not a prevailing fashion, i resisted the request for several years and at last nearly after 10 years of marriage, i finally yielded one day and gave consent. prior to it, my hubby took me on at least 5 to 6 occassins to beauty clinics and made me enquire for piercing of 2nd side. Though i went inside and all times came back without attending to piercing. After years long request, after finally deciding to satisfy his wish, one evening we both went to a acharis shop along with a piercing jewel, which after piercing can be rolled inside the nose He marked the spot for piercing and did it in few seconds. He asked me to apply little of luke warm rice water (water while rice cooking) to the piercing area and try moving forward and backward the piercing thread to ease the hole and after healing of the piercing, which may take about one month, on removel of piercing jewel, for widening of the hole, a tobocco stem is advised to be inserved into the hole for a fortnight, after which, I may wear a permanent nose ring in the hole. On coming home, I did what he advised. and on second day itself, having no pain, i tried to remove the piercing thread successfully, and wore nose screw on second day itself. My husband's joy knows no bounds. After initial hide and seek game, wearing both pins on nights and removing one in the day, i stopped the practice one fine morning and appeared to all my relations, especially my in laws family, with both studs, which stunned them for my boldness to wear both appear in public. Ever since I am wearing both - never mind what others say/feel. It fitted well to my face and every body respects me as a traditional woman. Being in orthodox brahmin family, my image had really enhanced in neighbourhood. presently in Hyderabad, I am the only woman in the entire neighbourhood to sport both studs on both sides of nose respectfully. Those who are in dilemma of doing the act, may follow suit. It will definitely boost up ur image around. don't entertain fears/ apprehensions.

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Jun 17, 2015
My wife pierced hee nose after 5 years of out marriage. NEW
by: Anonymous

always admired nose pierced ladies. I told the
same to my wife before marriage but she
refused saying her mom pierced her nose 2
times when she is in 7- 9 standard but it not
suits her nose and wound became worse so she
removed and let d hole closed. But to my
surprise she pierced her nose yesterday morning
when she go to jewelry shop with her mom n
dad for jewelry purchase. and wearing tiny
diamond stud on her left nostril.its after 5 years
she did it. even her mom was very surprised
and happy with her nose pierced.she is saying
its Marriage anniversary gift for me . i m very
much Happy now.
Apr 10, 2015 Don't Listen to rubbis

Aug 07, 2012
Mookuthi NEW
by: Ravi

Hi This is Ravi... I am married for the last 10 years and I am extremely fond of women wearing mookuthi. I expected my wife to have her nose pierced just before the marriage but it did not happen. During the marriage she was wearing a clip type (oottu) mookuthi which suited her very well.

I have been requesting her to pierce her nose atleast one side but she refuses to do so. Her mother, sister and her cousing all have pierced their noses. I will be extremely to glad if she wears mookuthi...

Apr 27, 2012
Double side nose studs NEW
by: Anonymous

My wife was not wearing mukkuthi during our wedding, two years later she got her right side pierced and was wearing a multi stone nose stud, it was very nice for her and again after a year, she wanted to try one on left side and got her left side pierced. Now four years gone, she wears two studs here in overseas, as we can see some girls and young ladies sport two nose studs here in this country, but when come to India, it is not popular and hence she feels very shy as it may attract more attention and hence does not wear two, but I am happy that she wears two nose studs and she also loves them very much.

Apr 23, 2012
Double side mookkuthies NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Mrs.Bharathi.Great Job and I Wish you all the best. When I started to wear two mookkuthies, I did not feel shy or odd about it. Its our tradition and our mothers and Grand mothers have been wearing it and we are following our to tradition to keep them alive. I too encourage more and more girls to start wearing mookkuthies on both side and I assure you that you will have a great married life.

Apr 20, 2012
my 2nd piercing which took less than 30 seconds NEW
by: Anonymous

hai bharathi same like you iam requesting my wife since 10 years she got one stud after marriage that too i pierced her nose right side but she is not willing for both sides i think it may take few more years i have wait

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